Notice Board

Changes to the Sailing Instructions – 2

Changes to the Sailing Instructions – 1

Umpiring positioning

Basic Principles of radio sailing umpiring

Accelerated protest procedure 2017 one page

Below updated IRSA Case book draft, not yet approved by IRSA but approved to be used for the event

Sailings Instructions – Prescriptions Of the Fédération Française de Voile


Notice of Race IOM WC 2017   Allocation FRA 2017 final   IOM WC 2017 Entry From

Additional informations for those who have difficulties to make wire transfer :

Banque Populaire des Alpes
7, bis place du champs de Mars
26700 Pierrelatte

Name :

UNVMP ( sailing club ) Mr Pierre Gonnet
4 Boulevard Chandeysson 26700 Pierrelatte

IBAN : FR76 1680 7001 1831 5303 6019 662

Account number : 31530360196

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