Competitors list

Drop outs from the entry list, use of the reserve list and payment of the entry fee

# Sails Name
61 Pollono Ricardo
06 Condie Scott
174 Reid Andrew
07 Brown Timothy
94 Robb Kirwan
09 Turton David
01 Marien Alexandre
02 Alvarenga Assis Roberto
168 Cracco Christel
57 Van Der Kindere Eric
35 Jelacic Zvonko
44 Vesanovic Vedran
142 Basic Tomislav
93 Andresen Soren
41 Beltri Guillermo
74 Ginès Romero
48 Valverde Alcaraz José
11 Vinaxia Garcia José
15 Salvador Miguel
116 Martinez Berzagay Francisco
73 Carre Alexis
100 Cohen Olivier
38 Montero Patrice
78 Carre Cédric
188 Alazia Marc
77 Dubreuil Romain
195 Bourriquel Laurent
22 Rossignol Yannick
871 Liger Xavier
97 Athenour Ludovic
25 Walsh Robert
198 Ballington Darin
95 Bantock Graham
26 King Josh
75 Edwards Tony
39 Stollery Peter
155 Brown Nigel
122 Roberts Martin
83 Binks Ken
00 Cleave John
293 Weiss Oliver
58 Luitz Walter
40 Daub Kym
150 Ott Gabriele
12 Puthod Pierluigi
107 Fattori Remigio
115 Rudoni Gianluigi
24 Patrini Paolo
52 Morbidelli Maurizio
99 Gillissen Huub
149 Tans Peter
47 Klem Torvald
190 Stray Odd Ornulf
71 Vickers Ian
23 Pryde Philip
82 Dassio Stefan
80 Signorelli Marco
193 Ebey John
55 Golisson Mark
29 Mackey Craig
171 Boell Gary
42 Brower Jerry
28 Cohen Stephan
81 Bremer Baron
18 Roure Michel
54 Dinar Kerim
98 Brunnhage Claes
50 Enwall Thomas
43 Bo Jonsson Mikael
05 Olson Tom
14 Lindström Claus
SGP161 Tan Kevin
BAH69 Wallace Stan
THA911 Varanan Yusananda
THA191 L. Panasarn Hasdin
JPN59 Hirao Minao

Waiting list

ITA - 3
197Bonecchi Riccardo
ITA - 4
194Cipolletta Francesco
ITA - 5
84Montanelli Emilio
ITA - 6
178Pieraccini Giampiero
ITA - 7
104Malara Carlo
GBR - 1
261Goodman Colin
FRA - 1128Deravin Eric
ITA - 8
36Bagnara Marco
GBR - 2
41Watson Gavin
FRA - 2
85Masse José
ITA - 9
113Donadio Raffaele
FRA - 3305Albigès Marc
USA - 132Elmaleh john

Drop outs from the entry list, use of the reserve list and payment of the entry fee

The Organising Authority and IOMICA are giving the following clarification/ruling on how drop outs will be dealt with.

1. The IOMICA Class Championship Rules state in Stage 4 (clause 8.9.1) that “If places become available immediately prior to the start of an event, the Organising Authority may make up the numbers to the entry limit, by informing the reserves and then continuing the allocation of places from the List.”

At the time of writing, it is clearly not immediately prior to the start of the event and so some additional clarification/ruling is required for places becoming available months or weeks before the event.

2. Substitute replacements will be allowable up to a cutoff date of March 15th 2017 but ONLY if the NCA of the competitor dropping out has someone already entered on the reserve list. This means that for this event if a competitor in the current 76 from ITA, FRA, GBR, USA drops out, those NCA’s could substitute that competitor with their next highest competitor from the reserve list provided that this is BEFORE the cutoff date of March 15th 2017. If a competitor drops out before the cutoff date of March 15th 2017 whose NCA does not have another competitor from their NCA on the reserve list then the place will be filled by the reserve list taking it in order as created in the allocation of places.

3. After the cutoff date of March 15th 2017 any drop outs will simply be filled by the reserve list taking it in order as created in the allocation of places.

4. Any competitor gaining a place from the reserve list due to a drop out shall pay their entry fee within 7 days or before the start of the event, whichever is sooner.

The above has been decided upon to ensure that, due to the high demand for places, everyone who sails in the event was entered by the initial closing date and that it is fair for those waiting on the published reserve list. Although this will mean using the reserve list when it is not ‘immediately prior to the event’ it will give those on the reserve list an opportunity to book travel and accommodation if places become available during the months or weeks before the event. Otherwise, what is the point of a reserve list containing competitors who live thousands of miles away if you are only going to tell them they have a place a few days before the event?